PlayStation CEO Responds to Potential PS5 Storage Issues

Storage on PlayStation 5 could quickly become an issue for fans of the console, but Sony doesn't seem to think that will be the case. In a new interview with The Telegraph, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan claimed that the company is not hearing these types of complaints from fans at the moment, despite the fact that games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War take up a significant amount of space on the hardware. Ryan did not completely dismiss storage issues, however, pointing out that it's still very early, and Sony will know more as players set up the console and start installing more games.

"We're not hearing that," Ryan told The Telegraph. "We'll obviously watch what happens as people unbox their PlayStations and start to use them. We think we'll be okay. We obviously are able to monitor hard drive usage on the PS4 microscopically and everything that we saw there indicates that we should be fine."

It's not hard to imagine that storage will be an issue with PS5. The Call of Duty franchise in particular is known for releasing updates that take up a significant amount of space. While PS5 owners will be able to expand the console's storage capacity, that isn't an option at the moment, as there are no SSD devices certified for use with the system. As such, PS5 owners are going to have to manage their space carefully, especially if they have a few games that take up a good amount of room.

It will be interesting to see how space issues play out in this console generation. While storage issues were common in the PS4 era, expanding the amount of space on PS5 seems like it will be significantly more expensive. As a result, some gamers may opt to avoid certain titles, based solely on the space that the game would take up on the console.


That said, Ryan is correct that it is a bit early to tell whether or not space constraints will become a problem. The PS5 has only been out for about a week now, so fans, and Sony, will just have to wait and see whether or not these types of issues start to crop up.

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