PS5 Exclusive With "Huge Potential" Teased Amidst Rumors of PS2 Series Revival

PlayStation London Studio is teasing a new PS5 game with 'huge potential,' and the tease comes [...]

PlayStation London Studio is teasing a new PS5 game with "huge potential," and the tease comes amidst rumors that that studio is working on a revival of a classic PS2 series. This week, the UK-based Sony studio hired two new studio heads, suggesting that it's possibly expanding. Of course, the million-dollar question is what game could they be expanding for? Well, whatever it is, it has "huge potential," which can't be said about many of the studio's recent projects that have been locked behind the PlayStation VR, a very niche piece of gaming hardware.

According to Tara Saunders, one of the new studio heads who has been with the company since 2017, London Studio is aiming to "deliver a top-quality game," with its next project.

"I want us to dream big and realize our full potential," said Saunders when asked about the studio's future. "But at the same time ensure that there is a real emphasis on ethical and sustainable game development practices. We have super strong values in place that mean we should be keeping in mind the importance of inclusivity, balance, and team spirit on a day-to-day basis. Our next project has huge potential and we want to leverage that to the max by empowering the team to thrive and deliver a top-quality game!"

Again, the million-dollar question is what could this game be? Well, as you may remember, last year the team revealed it was working on a AAA game, which again hasn't always been the case at the studio. Meanwhile, and also last year, a former developer at the studio relayed word that he heard the team was working on a revival of The Getaway.

For those that don't know: The Getaway is an open-world crime-action game that the PS2 back in 2002 and spawned a series in the process, though the IP has been dormant for many years.

For now, there's nothing from London Studios that suggests this mysterious game is a revival of The Getaway, but so far that's our only lead.

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