PS5 Players Can Play With PS4 Users Using Backwards Compatibility, Confirms Sony

During a recent investors meeting, Sony Vice President John Kodera confirmed that PlayStation 5 players will be able to play with PS4 players courtesy of backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, further details on how and to what extent the two consoles will speak together isn't divulged, but Kodera did note that cross-generational play is very important to the company, as well as keeping in tact the PlayStation community as it begins to migrate from the PS4 to PS5. This means if you pick up a PS5 but your chums don't, you can still play games with them. Of course, it would be a surprise if this feature wasn't supported, but it's good to get confirmation nonetheless.

This news coupled with the fact that Sony is committed to supporting the PS4 for -- at least -- another three years seems to suggest the PlayStation makers aren't expecting a mass and swift migration from its massive PS4 player base to the PS5. That, and the PS4 will likely have 120 million units in the wild by the time the PS5 hits. That's a huge player base you don't want to abandon with a console reset. In other words, it's not surprising Sony isn't eager to move on from this generation, unlike Microsoft.

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