PSN Card Redeem Error, Worldwide Issue Reported By PlayStation Users


Christmas came, and went, in a blink of an eye and many gamers are going over that sweet, sweet loot they scored during the holiday season. Many PlayStation users found themselves faced with new opportunities when gifted with PSN cards to buy their favourite digital items ... unfortunately, many are finding that their codes simply aren't working. It's not just one region either, PlayStation users from around the world have been reporting the inability to redeems their codes.

According to various user reports, the code many are getting when they go to enter their digital goodness is "WC-40329-8." The good news is that Sony was made immediately aware and it seems that it has been, mostly, resolved. The team was aware of the issue immediately and quickly updated their users that a plan for a fix was in place. Though the error code wasn't specifically an issue with the PlayStation Network itself, it was still something that could be frustrating - especially with the rush, rush, rush atmosphere the holidays can sometimes bring.

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Other , PS Vita , PS3™ , PS4™ , Web

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You may have some difficulty accessing features and products on the PlayStation™Store. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience. For now, it looks like many of those same users are reporting that they can now redeem their given codes, though a select few seem to still be having issues. If for some reason you are still being affected by this issue, you can contact Sony directly here.