PUBG 10.3 Update Improves One Map and the Reputation System

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players have another update to try out now if they want to see what's coming ahead of the next patch's live release. Update 10.3 was added to the test servers this week, and compared to some of the other updates we've seen in the past that made more pronounced changes, this one's a bit lighter than usual. It's still got some changes worth taking note of, however, such as improvements for the game's Karakin map as well as adjustments made to the game's relatively new reputation system.

The Karakin changes themselves are brief, but they should be welcome adjustments for anyone who's had a hard time playing on certain parts of the map because of the brightness. The 10.3 update brightens up certain parts of the map to provide the areas with a "unique feel and tone" and also fixes some bugs affecting Karakin in different ways. Players who opt into the test server trial will get plenty of time to check out these Karakin changes because the queues have been limited to only normal matches played on Karakin for the time being to make sure everyone has time to experience the adjustments.

As for the reputation system which was added earlier in the year to encourage players to be on their best behaviors, some players expressed frustration that a few of the penalties divvied out were too harsh. The PUBG developers have acknowledged those complaints and have made adjustments accordingly.

You can see the notes pertaining to the Karakin and reputation system update below. The full notes can be seen through the PUBG site.

Karakin Updates

  • Karakin Lighting Improvements
    • Karakin has received lighting pass, improving overall lighting and giving each area it's own unique feel and tone.
  • General bug fixes across the map to improve the player experience.

Reputation System Update

  • Normal Matches: Exiting a match while in the starting area, prior to boarding the plane will NOT negatively impact your reputation.
  • Ranked Matches: You will lose reputation for exiting Ranked Matches, even if exiting while in the starting area prior to the plane leaving. There are some exceptions, which you can read below.
    • You can leave a Ranked Match up to 5 minutes after (but not before) the plane has taken off without losing reputation, in situations where matchmaking has provided you with a random teammate who has then exited the match.
    • Additionally, the same applies if matchmaking fails to provide you with at least one random teammate after queuing for Ranked Squads.