PUBG 2 Reportedly in Development, First Details Revealed

It looks like a proper sequel to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is in the works right now. Word on the game's creation comes from the well-known insider PlayerIGN who shared that Krafton is still in the process of building out a team to work on the title. Much like the last iteration, PUBG 2 is said to be purely a battle royale title, meaning that this won't be a situation where the sequel is meant to be something that the original game was not.

At this point in time, the development of PUBG 2 still seems relatively early. PlayerIGN's report says that Krafton is still looking to add members on to the original team behind PUBG in order to create this sequel. This means that many of the developers behind the first title will not be going away. Rather than put together an entirely new team for this project, Krafton is said to be wanting those who know how the gameplay feels to work on the new installment.

The other major detail that we know about PUBG 2 right now is that the game will take place in a realistic setting. Rather than taking things to the far-flung future, Krafton seems to want things to remain quite similar in the next game in the series.

As of this writing, there's still very little that we know about PUBG 2 as a whole. And considering that the game still sounds fairly early on in development, it might be a bit until we see and hear more. Still, I imagine that many longtime fans of PUBG are happy to know that a sequel in any capacity should be arriving at some point down the road.


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