PUBG Load Times on Consoles Are Getting Faster

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should be seeing some [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should be seeing some quicker load times in the battle royale game soon. Some optimizations are in the works from the console team that are expected to reduce the data size of all the maps which will in turn speed up the time that it takes for the maps to render.

The rendering speed of maps on the console version is a topic the PUBG team said it's touched on more than once and one that is said is a complex issue. Some players who've been active on the game's test servers may have already experienced improvements to the game's maps among other fixes.

"Our current solution is to reduce the data size of all maps, which will reduce loading times to a much faster rate," the PUBG team said about the planned optimizations. "We expect this optimization will improve loading speed, which will produce fewer 'playdough' architecture and more fully rendered buildings."

A video clip shared within the post that detailed the changes showed a player dropping into the castle area of the Vikendi map, a busy area to land in. It's worth pointing out though that we don't know the specifics of this test such as how many players were in the match, but we do know that it was recorded on an Xbox One S without an SSD.

These fixes are scheduled to go out for the game's live servers in May, the PUBG console team said.

"You can expect these changes to be implemented soon since we plan to launch the optimizations to live servers by the month of May," the announcement said. "We obviously want to ensure you are having the best experience possible on all maps, so this is a high priority for us and these solutions are the first step in our efforts to continually improve rendering and optimization."

Full details on this change and others related to the game's console versions can be seen here.


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