PUBG to Be Packed in Free With Every Xbox One X

pubg xbox one

The record breaking battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has finally made its way onto consoles with its Xbox One debut. To celebrate the newly released version of the early access title, Microsoft and PlayerUnknown himself are teaming up to offer the hit online game for free with every Xbox One X purchase!

With over 1 million players reporting in within the first 48 hours of the title's console release, there are tons of reasons to get in there and strive for that winner, winner chicken dinner! For those looking to score a fancy new Xbox One X this holiday season, the deal just got a little bit sweeter:

"Today, in celebration of PUBG coming to the hottest console of the season, we’re excited to announce a special holiday promotion where every Xbox One X purchase will come with a copy of PUBG! That means you can join in on gaming’s biggest phenomenon and jump right into the ultimate battle royale experience on Xbox One. The promotion is available in select regions for a limited time, starting Dec. 17 through Dec. 31."

The "most powerful console on the market" to date is now available for $499, and is comparable to that of a decent professional gaming PC. As if PUBG wasn't enough of a reason to get onboard the latest Microsoft hype train, the Xbox One X continues on the tradition of over 400 times included in their backwards compatibility program, including original Xbox Games. The Xbox Game Pass is also available, as well as their ever changing social hub. With new titles such as State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and more on the way - there is no shame in that Xbox One game.