PUBG Is Updating Its Lobby Music

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tends to get updates fairly regularly for its different platforms as different features are updated and game balances are adjusted. Some things like menus and other systems don’t change as often though, and the lobby music players hear is one example of that. But according to a new announcement from the developer made on Monday, the lobby music is indeed being updated soon, and we already know what it’ll sound like thanks to a preview.

The video above was shared through PUBG’s various social media accounts to give players a taste of what the music will be like. It’s really more of the full dish though seeing how the video is just over three minutes long. You’ll hopefully have gotten into a game by that point, but if not, the music seems like a sound fit for PUBG, so it’s not like it’ll be a hassle to listen to it while you wait.

Some players prefer to have their lobby music turned off anyway though, so the update won’t change much for them unless they’re swayed to turn it back on after hearing this.

As it was pointed out through the video’s description and on Twitter, this new music is an updated take on the original lobby tune. These similarities have gotten some thinking about the original music and wishing that it would make a return, though that probably would’ve been the case regardless of what music was chosen. Everyone’s free to prefer the music they want though, and some are still nostalgic for the original.


Within these teasers, the devs said that the music would be coming to PUBG’s lobbies “very soon.” A moderator for one of the PUBG subreddits where this video was shared responded to comments and emphasized that it would be “very” soon and that the console version wouldn’t be far behind. When someone joked about how the music would come to the Xbox One next year, the moderator responded to say it’s “coming to consoles next month, actually.”

Look for PUBG’s new lobby music to release in one of the game’s next few updates.