PUBG Remasters Sanhok Map for Season 8

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds unveiled its plans for Season 8 on Tuesday which include a total revamping of the game’s Sanhok map. The remastered map will be available at the start of Season 8 when Update 8.1 releases, but players won’t have to wait that long to try it since it’ll first be available on the test servers ahead of its release date of July 22nd for PC, July 30th for consoles. A preview of the changes shared by PUBG Corp. showed numerous points of interest that have been reworked and sometimes changed into entirely different locations with everything coming together to create a “forgotten paradise” aesthetic.

Before and after shots of the points of interest shared in the patch notes showed how different the locations would look once the update dropped. Those same notes also talked of new features like the Loot Truck, an autonomous vehicle that drives itself around the map and offer players the chance at valuable loot if they can damage or destroy the vehicles. Peppering them with damage will cause them to drop loot while they’re moving and destroying them yields the best rewards, but it takes a while to do and will attract unwanted attention.

Up to four of these Loot Trucks can spawn at the start of the match and are housed inside garages. Only when one is destroyed will another one spawn in a garage, and you can find a maximum of eight Loot Trucks throughout the course of a match. They’re not available in the game’s ranked mode however, so the RNG feature will only be found in normal matches.

Other notes pertaining to this update can be found below and include adjusted loot balance, a new weather type, and changes specific to certain points of interest.

Sanhok Balance Update

  • Panzerfaust added to world loot
  • C4 has been removed from Sanhok.
  • Vehicle spawns adjusted, with some removed to facilitate the new Loot Truck routes.


  • Remastered Sanhok will feature clear day, sunrise, sunset, and overcast weather types.

Other Changes

  • Due to the remake of ‘Getaway’ (previously Docks), Docks has been removed from TDM.
  • Updated Sanhok will be available in both Normal/Ranked matches as well as in Custom matches.
  • Old Sanhok will be no longer available in all game modes.
  • New Sanhok themed lobby and BGM has been added.
  • Adjusted the fade effect of the Blue Zone walls to look more natural.

PUBG’s Update 8.1 with the Sanhok rework will be available on test servers starting July 15th for PC and July 20th for consoles. Season 8 officially starts on July 22nd for PC, July 30th everywhere else.