PUBG Tease Hints at New Maps Coming Next Year

It looks as though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be getting even more maps to play on next year if a tease from the studio’s director means what players think it does. The game currently has four maps that are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi, and each of those were pictured in an image shared by PUBG studio director Brian Corrigan. The director had the four maps hung on a wall and said he was “going to need new nails next year” which has led people to believe that a map – or perhaps maps – will be introduced next year.

The tweet can be seen below with image included that shows the four maps displayed on a wall. Corrigan’s tweet doesn’t confirm anything, but it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that this is a hint about PUBG Corp.’s plans for the next year of content where its maps are concerned.

Players in the replies brought up the Venizia map that’s supposedly been leaked and is thought to be coming to the game at some point, though some did express concerns about how more maps might divide the playerbase more than it’s already split between the four maps.

Corrigan’s next tweet was even more cryptic though and could either be one of two things: Another hint or a misdirection. The studio director said that “one fell down this morning” which could very well be him making light of the first tweet and downplaying it, though people have also speculated that this means a map would either be removed or reworked. This sort of speculation seems less likely than getting a new map, but it’s hard to rule out that idea as well.

It’s anyone’s guess what this combination of teasers could mean until the PUBG studio officially announces something, but it’s not too surprising to imagine that something would be happening with the maps next year. It’d honestly be more surprising if no new maps or map reworks happened in 2020 considering how PUBG has been reworking some of its maps recently.


PlayerIGN, a known leaker and distributor of PUBG information, made a smart point about when we might hear about new PUBG map plans in the near future. PUBG unveiled the Miramar map’s trailer on December 7, 2017, while the trailer for Vikendi was revealed exactly one year later. Perhaps PUBG players can hope to hear something about a new map later this week then considering how the map tease above just happened to be shared recently.

PUBG Corp. hasn’t officially revealed any plans for its next maps or map reworks though, but expect to see more teasers later now that the first one has been released if that’s indeed what’s being hinted at.