Rage 2 Reveal Trailer Officially Released, Gameplay Trailer Coming Soon

This morning Bethesda, knowing full well that it was surprising absolutely no one, officially launched the reveal trailer for Rage 2. We had a shorter version of the teaser leak early this morning, but now you can view the full-length video above!

We still haven't seen any actual gameplay footage, which left quite a few fans disappointed, but feat not! Bethesda also revealed that a gameplay trailer is on the way. We'll get our first real look at Rage 2 gameplay tomorrow morning at 9AM Central time.

Bethesda will have a lot of questions to answer tomorrow, and many fans of the original Rage are worried that the reveal trailer took such a jovial and lighthearted tone. Some have remarked that Rage 2 looks like it was inspired more by games like Borderlands than by the original Rage. Bright colors, smiling faces, goofy poses, and Andrew WK's 'Ready to Die' definitely aren't giving us that Rage vibe, but we're willing to be surprised.

Of course, perhaps the most exciting thing about this morning's reveal is that it would seem to indicate that the now-infamous Walmart E3 leak is genuine. If that's the case, then we know we have a handful of other huge game reveals to look forward to soon.

If you're living under a rock, then you may have missed the Walmart leak. The gist is this: Walmart's Canadian website uploaded a huge batch of video game listings last week out of the blue, and it contained many games that have not been revealed or even announced yet.


A new Splinter Cell, the next Gears of War, Forza, Borderlands, Final Fantasy VII Remake... There were so many exciting games on that list, and by far one of the most random was Rage 2. The inclusion of a Rage sequel had many doubting the listing's accuracy, but here we are. Rage 2 has been confirmed, and now we're looking at that list with newfound appreciation.

Obviously we expect most of those games to be revealed during E3, though we wouldn't count out a surprise reveal or two before the show. Otherwise, we can always count on a few more leaks, so stay tuned!