'Rainbow Six Siege' Will Soon Require 2-Step Verification for Ranked Games

Rainbow Six Siege players hoping to stay active in the ranked community will have to secure their [...]

Rainbow Six Siege players hoping to stay active in the ranked community will have to secure their accounts with two-step verification lest they be locked out of playing ranked games.

The requirement of adding the extra layer of security to players' accounts only applies to the PC platform, and those players have just over under two weeks to comply with the mandatory verification. Ubisoft announced its intent to require the verification process on all PC platforms earlier in the year and is now moving forward with the plan by announcing a deadline of December 11th for the verification mandate.

"We are excited to announce that ranked lock for PC will be activated on December 11th, 2018 in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and South America," Ubisoft announced. "If you are a PC player playing on the data centers for these regions and you want to play Ranked, you will need to have 2 Step Verification activated on your account by December 11th. For APAC data centers, this lock will happen at a later date."

For those PC players who don't enable the two-step verification, they'll still be able to play Situations, Terrorist Hunt, and casual matches, but ranked gameplay won't be an option. Those who do enable it will still be able to play ranked games and will have an extra layer of security on their account along with a free Thermite bundle that's being given out to anyone who activates their two-step verification before December 11th. That Thermite bundle is only available for PC players who go through with this process though, so console users won't get the Thermite skin.

To help players verify their accounts in order to continue playing ranked games, Ubisoft has a separate article that explains how the process works. By starting on the Ubisoft account site, players have to log in and navigate to their security settings where they'll find an option for the two-step verification feature. From there, an email will be sent from Ubisoft detailing the rest of the steps that involve downloading an app and successfully entering a code when prompted to finish the process.

Ubisoft's lock on ranked play for Rainbow Six Siege players who don't secure their accounts will happen on December 11th.