Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Season and Weapon

Rainbow Six Siege teasers for the game's next season of content have begun surfacing online with one of the first teasers already hinting at the arrival of a new weapon. The new season itself is apparently called "High Calibre" according to the teaser, and it seems the weapon that'll be added soon will be an SMG. Ubisoft has not yet announced anything official about the next season, but we expect that'll change soon considering how the game's next big esports event is coming up.

The teaser below was shared on the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account this week to hint at what's coming. It was only a brief, mostly static video that showed a weapon in an Operator's hands, but the text towards the bottom gives away the name of the next season.

While the gun itself isn't explicitly named, some text on the side of the weapon indicates that it'll be an SMG. It says "SMG5 MK 2 .50 GI" which has led players to speculate about what the gun might actually be, but Ubisoft hasn't yet confirmed its plans.

The Operator themselves hasn't been teased just yet unless that character's the one holding the weapon in this video, but based on datamining efforts from the community shared online beforehand, we have some idea of who might be coming next. According to Rainbow Six Siege dataminer benjaminstrike, the new character will be a female Operator named Thorn who fills the Defender role. She'll apparently have a gadget called the "Razorbloom Shell" which sticks to surfaces and is activated once an Attacker triggers the sensor with the result being an explosion of high-velocity projectiles. The character is supposed to come outfitted with more than one of these Razorbloom Shells to allow her to protect objectives from different points of entry.

All that is subject to change just like anything that's datamined in Rainbow Six Siege, but it shouldn't be long now before we're able to know more about the plans for the next season. The game's next big esports event, the Six Sweden Major 2021, will take place on November 8th with the finals held on November 14th. Ubisoft typically likes to save its Rainbow Six Siege reveals for the esports stages, so we should see more information about the High Calibre season then if not before.