Potential 'Rainbow Six Siege' Leak Reveals New Australian Operators

Details on some of Rainbow Six Siege's new Operators have supposedly leaked to reveal two characters who are members of the Australian SASR.

The leaks originated on ResetEra and seem to spoil the reveal of the next two Operators that will be part of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 content. These new Operators are said to be named Gridlock and Mozzie, and while an image that allegedly revealed the two was first shared on the forum, a better, larger look at the two found its way to Reddit later and can be seen below.

Y4S1 Leak from r/Rainbow6

Details on the Operators were shared by the same ResetEra user who originally revealed the image of the two wherein the user described what the two Operators would be capable of. Gridlock is supposed to be an Attacker while Mozzie is a Defender, each with their own unique abilities.

"Gridlock is an attacker and he puts down a red web tracker that when defenders runs into it they get damaged and it makes noise," the user said about Gridlock. "Mozzie is defender and she puts down a device that when the enemy drones go into it, she can take control of it and use them."

Following those teasers, some people questioned the validity of the leak by pointing out that some of the same information was seen on 4chan, a forum known for all sorts of leaks both true and false. In a response to those questions, the same user returned with another image that's said to have come from an "industry friend" and shows off Gridlock's gadget. The image shows a web-like tool that's black and red and covers parts of the ground, a gadget that lines up with the description of the Operator's signature equipment.


The new Operators took up the bulk of the conversation in the threads covering the leaks, but other information was also shared regarding different work-in-progress features. Kanal, one of the many maps in Rainbow Six Siege, is allegedly being reworked in Season 2 of the new year of content, the leaker said. The same person also alleged that their industry friend told them a theater mode is also being worked on.

These leaks haven't been confirmed yet, so there's a chance these new Operators might not be what players actually find in the Year 4 content.