'Rainbow Six Siege' Nerfs New Operators Before Release

Rainbow Six Siege’s newest Operators have already been nerfed before they released with the [...]

Rainbow Six Siege's newest Operators have already been nerfed before they released with the Operation Wind Bastion update.

Kaid and Nomad are the newest Operators coming to the game when the next Operation releases, but they won't be as strong as players have recently seen them. On the test servers, Ubisoft rolled out a new update that nerfed both of the Operators with some changes that'll mostly only make sense if you've been keeping up with what the two characters are capable of.

Taking to Reddit to share what's new on the test servers, Ubisoft detailed the changes that were released for the two Operators. Those notes can be found below alongside some other adjustments for IQ and bug fixes for various problems in the game, some of them dealing specifically with the new Operators.


  • Lowered number of electroclaws to 2
  • Players now only receive 2 points for deploying electroclaw


  • Airjab will no longer detect targets while traveling
  • 5s delay on warhead between the moment it sticks and the moment it will activate


  • Increase to IQ's gadget detection range from 15m to 20m
  • Lowered damage taken when meleeing electrified barbed wires from 15 to 3/damage tick.
  • Increased recoil for .44 Mag Semi Auto


  • Fixed - Incorrect weapon stats/damage values are displayed in menu.
  • Fixed - After being pushed back by Nomad, operator can get stuck on the EXT Park Alley of Kafe.
  • Fixed - Shaking animation of Hostage when being escorted.
  • Fixed - Shield shaking animation if the Operator moves while they are equipped on their back.
  • Fixed - Lighting issues on Theme Park which can cause disruptive contrasts when entering the building.

As usual, there's also a list of known issues that Ubisoft is aware of and working on. All of those can be found below, some of them ones that have fixes incoming and others being issues Ubisoft is currently looking into.

  • Sound variance issues through destructible floors
  • Breaching a floor on Fortress sometimes only destroys the top layer of the floor.
  • Operators with ballistic shields are immune to guard break effect while walking backwards.
  • After teamkilling, offenders are not kicked and do not receive a TK offense.
  • A desync occurs when a character climbs a ladder and triggers an airjab at the same time.
  • A desync occurs when a character starts rappelling and triggers an airjab at the same time.
  • Players sometimes lose functionality when setting a deployable shield.
  • Jackal's gadget sometimes cannot see footprints left by Operators.