Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Nokk and Warden Gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege’s newest Operators have now been fully revealed during one of the game’s esports events. Nøkk and Warden are the two Operators that’ll be joining the game with the release of Operation Phantom Sight, and while each of them were teased before the Pro League Finals, we now know much more about them in a gameplay video that shows their full kits and abilities. A first look at the reworked Kafe Dostoyevsky map was also revealed during the same event.

The video above showcases both of the new Operators starting with Warden, a member of the United States Secret Service and a Defender in Rainbow Six Siege. Warden’s gadget that he brings to the game is the Glance Smart Glasses, a tool which allows him to see through distracting and disorienting effects like flashes and smoke. He’s immune to those flashes when they’re activated and can turn on the glasses to remove any dazed effects he’s already experiencing, and as long as he’s standing still, he can see through smoke easily to highlight enemies.

While the gadget can be used as many times as Warden wants throughout the course of a match, it’s limited by a cooldown and a battery that must first recharge before it can be used again. Along with the gadget, the 1-Speed Warden has at his disposal an MPX and an M590A1 as his primary weapons along with a P-10C and an SMG-12 as his secondaries.

Nøkk is the second Operator releasing in this new Operation, a 2-Speed character who’s a Jægerkorpset Attacker and uses the HEL Presence Reduction gadget to slip by enemies unnoticed. This tool won’t completely hide her from enemies, but it will make it so that she doesn’t appear on cameras, so even the best surveillance setup won’t do much against her when the gadget is on. It’s limited by a battery like Warden’s gadget, and it also reduces her footstep noises so that she can better sneak up on enemies. Nøkk uses an FMG-9 and an SIX12-SD as her primaries along with a 5.7 USG and a D-50 as her secondaries.


You’ll see the reworked Kafe map throughout the whole video, and the end of the preview focuses on the various aspect of it that have been updated. There’s a new kitchen, new bomb sites, and other points of interest found within the new version of the map. It’ll replace Kafe for free whenever Operation Phantom Sight releases, but like always, certain players will get access to the Operators first before they’re made available to purchase for all.

The new Operators will be released on the game’s test servers on May 21st.