Rainbow Six Siege Player Impressively Plays as an Entire Team

Ubisoft has been working hard on Rainbow Six Siege since it first launched back in 2015. Players know the game as an intense 5v5 tactical experience that pits the two teams against each other to see who will claim victory, the attackers or the defenders. However, in an effort to make things a bit more challenging, YouTuber "Basically Homeless" created a setup that allows him to pull off the ultimate carry - by carrying himself. This may seem like a near-impossible task to accomplish, but with the help of five PCs, he was able to put together a team of five by himself and actually grab a couple victories in the process.

As can be seen in the video below, Basically Homeless goes through the troubles of hooking up five separate PCs and allowing them to be played through the same keyboard and mouse. After a few rounds of play and once the issues of two-factor authorization are out of the way, its off to the races in ranked mode. Understandably, this is where the real challenge begins as opponents tend to be a bit sweatier. Luckily, he pulls through with some impressive play and picks up some wins.

Winning as a team on a five-PC setup is certainly an impressive feat for one person, especially in ranked play. One could see the advantage of not having to correspond with others on positioning and whatnot as he is the sole player for all five teammates and knows where everyone is at all times. In addition to this, he gets to see all five perspectives at once, cluing him in on the positions of the enemies as well. Needless to say, while difficult, it sure does seem like a fun time.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While the developers don't have any plans to make a sequel to the popular title, there is another game in the series on the way with Rainbow Six Quarantine, which you can read all about right here.

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