Rainbow Six Siege Revamping Recoil System, Here's How

Ubisoft has been on the ball lately with their Rainbow Six Siege title, especially with all of the [...]


Ubisoft has been on the ball lately with their Rainbow Six Siege title, especially with all of the new content that recently dropped. In addition to the Year 3 newness, the dev team has been hard at work when it comes to adjusting the in-game weaponry with an intense focus on their recoil system. According to a recent blog post, it looks like they may have finally found that perfect sweet spot for how they want it to work.

In a recent announcement to players, Ubisoft had this to say:

"Our recoil system currently has a flaw, primarily affecting fully automatic weapons, that occasionally causes bullets to diverge from where the reticle is pointing. We will be fixing it by making changes to how our recoil mechanic works and we will be deploying this during the next test on the Test Server. The goal is to offer a clean, tight shooting system that does not cheat players out of a great show of skill, or on the contrary, register a headshot when the player is aiming at the torso.

We prototyped several technical solutions to correct the issue over the last year, but they all had significant drawbacks. We were not comfortable moving forward with the majority of those solutions. The solution we landed on shifted how recoils behave, making them trivial to control so all recoils had to be re-done in the new system. We tested some major adjustments to the foundations of the recoil equation on the TTS in September 2017. Following feedback from that Test Server session, we changed how we were going to go about addressing the issue. As such, we have moved away from predictable recoil patterns, and found another solution that does not involve predictable recoil."

Ubisoft also uploaded a video, seen here, to show off the system comparison and how they are finally getting it to work the way they want it to. The changes aren't live yet but they are preparing to launch with the next phase headed towards the test servers. Once adequate testing and player feedback has been acquired, the revamped system will be making its way onto the main game soon!