Rainbow Six Siege Is Rewarding Players Who Find Bugs

Rainbow Six Siege players who have a keen eye for bugs in the game can now be rewarded for finding these problems and having them verified by Ubisoft. The new bug-fixing system that relies on players’ input is called the Bug Hunter Program and has begun to help fix issues found on the game’s test servers before they go live for everyone. Unique charms and other rewards will be distributed occasionally depending on how many bugs players find, Ubisoft said.

Ubisoft announced the Bug Hunter Program recently and said it’s now open for all those who play on the game’s test server, so not everyone will be able to participate. Those who can and want to will have to identify bugs they encounter when new test updates are rolled out and report them to Ubisoft through the R6Fix system that was implemented last year.

“It’s simple, all you have to do is report any issue you might encounter on the Test Server through R6Fix,” Ubisoft said. “You can find a detailed guide on how to report issues here as well as an FAQ. Once we receive your report, our QA team will test it and try to reproduce it, if they succeed, your contribution will be marked as Acknowledged.”

Any duplicate issues after the first one has already been recognized will be discarded, so players will have to be quick to find the bugs and report them.

The first prize for players who find the bugs will be a Frost charm that has raptor legs, a reference to an old Rainbow Six Siege bug that’s since been resolved. To acquire it, you’ll have to successfully report three bugs and have each of them confirmed by Ubisoft. Beyond that prize, the developer said it has more plans for content later on.

“We are planning to add more thresholds in the near future and we will keep you updated on how to get new rewards,” Ubisoft said.

The Bug Hunter Program is now live for players on the game’s test servers to utilize.



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