Rainbow Six Siege's First Rework Will Make Players Entirely Relearn Tachanka

Ubisoft is reworking Tachanka in Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege which means that players will changes to great the players will have to relearn the character all over again, according to the developers. Tachanka is the first of all the Rainbow Six Siege Operators to be reworked where others have just had various degrees of adjustments, so Tachanka’s rework is a milestone moment for the game. The character is one of the least played picks out of the whole Operator roster, but the rework is expected to open up new possibilities for team comps and players that might not have played as him before.

Siege players have seen maps get reworked, but never an Operator. That level of change hasn’t happened before in the game, so the game’s creative director, Leroy Athanassoff, offered some insights into what the rework will mean for players who either play as Tachanka or want to play as him after the rework.

“When you play an Operator rework, you will have the feeling that you are playing a new Operator,” Athanassoff said. “That's really what we want for reworks. When it comes to balancing tweaks and stuff like what we did with Lion — we adjusted some mechanics — overall, the experience is still Lion, so you know how to play him. What we want with a rework is for you to have new gameplay. You are going to have to relearn the Operator. You're going to have a new way of playing them.”

While parts of the old Tachanka will almost certainly be sticking around so that players at least see some semblance of the old character there, the creative director continued to say that it’s basically going to be like playing as a totally new Operator.


“You will see Tachanka; he is going to be played as a new Operator—especially because he was never played anyway—so it's hard to say there was really a ‘playstyle of Tachanka,’” he said. “(A reworked Operator) is something that you are not using that we recreate and add new value to, and we make it as interesting, as (relevant to the) meta, as meaningful as a new Operator, even in terms of power level and stuff like that. We take something that you already own and make it better and kind of new.”

Tachanka’s rework is scheduled to happen in the current Year 5 of Siege, though a specific release date for the rework isn’t known.