Rainbow Six Siege Update May Finally Fix Some Persistent Exploits

Several exploits in Rainbow Six Siege that have remained untouchable for a while now may finally be fixed in the game’s next update, according to Ubisoft. Exploits involving Clash, IQ, and Deployable Shields have caused each of them to be disabled at some point, some longer than others. This latest update that’s on the test servers currently for players to preview may contain the solution though since Ubisoft says it’s been unable to reproduce these issues again.

In the patch notes for the test server update, Ubisoft said that internal testing has yielded a potential solution for the exploits. The developer is also asking players to give the test build a try to see if the fixes hold up, and if so, those solutions can be pushed to live servers which will mean players will finally be able to use the disabled features again.

“We've recently completed internal testing of another potential solution to the Clash, IQ + Deployable shield exploits,” Ubisoft said in the patch notes. “At this point, we're unable to reproduce the exploits with this patch and as such, we're pushing these changes to the Test Server. To test the fix, we're asking you all to help us thoroughly test the update to see if the exploits can still be reproduced. If you are able to reproduce the exploit on the TS in any way, please let us know through r6fix.ubi.com. We'll be using this TS period to determine if the fix can be made ready for live servers.”

Version two of the Deployable Shield has also been released on the test server ahead of its push to live. Ubisoft said that there’s still work that needs to be done and is asking players to help with that by testing the new visual slits that give players a way to see through the shield.

A previous post from Ubisoft covered the details of the Deployable Shields.


“The prototype presented during the Six Invitational was rather convincing during our internal tests. These shields will now align perfectly with doorframes. Black mirror slits have been replaced by regular bulletproof glass, thus giving the opportunity for attackers to spot defenders hiding behind the new shield.”

Ubisoft’s latest Rainbow Six Siege update is now live on the test servers.

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