Rapper Soulja Boy Is Selling His Own Game Handheld and Console

Out of all the folks we expected to launch their own lineup of game consoles, Soulja Boy was definitely near the bottom of the list. However, that's just what the rapper appears to be doing, offering his own system and handheld for his fans to purchase.

Soulja Boy

The Soulja Watch website has listed two different items available for purchase -- a Soulja Game console and a Soulja Game handheld system. The console appears to go for $149.99; while the handheld comes in at $99.99.

Both systems appear to be made by Anbernic, each with built-in game libraries. The console looks like it has 800 titles, though none are listed on the page; and the handheld has way more than that, clocking in at over 3,000. However, keep in mind that both pieces of hardware are over "three years old," based on the listings.


Now, before you go rushing out to support Soulja Boy on his latest little digital crusade, heed some warning. Polygon provided some details on this hardware, noting that "these are actually unbranded, poorly made emulators that Soulja Boy is reselling as his own."

There's further suspicion with the handheld's capabilities, as it reportedly plays "Switch/3DS/Vita/NEOGEO/GBC/Gameboy/GBA" games. It seems very doubtful that the game can handle Switch releases, considering that a. They're very difficult to emulate; and b. Nintendo hasn't provided any sort of licensing for the system.

The site also notes, "Both models are developed by Anbernic, according to the SouljaWatch site. Anbernic sells its products almost exclusively through AliExpress, a Chinese online retailer that sells internationally. In fact, both versions of the SouljaGame are available to purchase on AliExpress right now, albeit under different names."

While Soulja Boy has taken to Twitter to tout how the system has "brought tears to my eyes" to the happiness of one consumer (guess he likes that "Pretty Boy Swag"), this is definitely one of those cases where you buyers may want to get more information on this system -- especially if you're not able to get everything that's promised to you. Don't "Crank That" cash just yet.


(Hat tip to Polygon for the details!)