Red Dead Online: How to Get a Free Item Bundle This Weekend

Red Dead Redemption 2 have a free bundle of items waiting for them in Red Dead Online, but only if you act quickly now that the window to get the free gear is starting to close. The free items in question consist of a couple of different types of arrows which may not sound like a lot, but the effort you have to put in to get the gear matches the prize. All you have to do to earn the reward is hop into Red Dead Online between now and October 5th, so be sure to do that soon if you haven’t already.

The bonus that’s free to all players was announced as part of the most recent of the weekly updates released for Red Dead Online. It’s an item bundle that includes 10 Fire Arrows, 10 Poison Arrows and 10 Small Game Arrows, and it’ll be delivered right to players’ lockboxes once they log in to play. Bonuses like these of varying importance are occasionally given out to players with different strings attached to them, and even though you may go through the arrows quickly on your hunts, you won’t lose much since you didn’t have to do much to get them.

While you’re there in Red Dead Online to collect your reward, be sure to track down the Legendary Moose that have just recently been added to the game as well. Two different creatures are now in Red Dead Online at different locations for players to either sample or kill. If you choose to hunt them and sell their pelts, you can get an extra 50% payout by giving them to Gus so long as you do that before October 5th.

“The Snowflake Moose blends into its snowy surroundings off Barrow Lagoon. Keep an eye out for its massive black antlers contrasted against the snow,” Rockstar Games said about the first of the two Legendary Moose. “This particular creature prefers to graze on rainy nights, so dress in your warmest leathers before leading an expedition. The Knight Moose, meanwhile, is most known for its pitch-dark coat and has been rumored to frequent the northern section of the Kamassa River bed during the day. Approach quietly and keep a steady hand to sedate or skin the beast.”

Red Dead Online’s free item bundle is available from now until October 8th.