'Red Dead Redemption 2': Killing KKK Members Will Not Lower Your Honor Level


In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can come across some pretty mature and heavy content. But not much is more heavy and jarring then when you run into a KKK rally for the first time. Whether unexpectedly or while you're looking for them, it's unsettling.

The KKK appearing in video games isn't new. For example, in Wolfentstein II: The New Colossus, they make multiple appearances, though, for some reason, it's not as impactful as it is in Red Dead Redemption 2. And that's perhaps because of how immersive the open-world western is.

Whatever the case, they're in the game. And yes you can throw dynamite at them or run them over with your war horse. Or you can sit there and listen to them spew their hateful nonsense. Let them flee. You can do whatever with them, but we recommend at the very least beating them up and then hogtying them to your horse and then dropping them into the alligator-infested swamp.

If you're on the honorable path and worried about taking a hit to your honor meter (a dozen murders would be a substantial hit), well, you don't have to be, because killing KKK members doesn't lower your honor, making them the one exception to the rule (other than other gang members and baddies in the story).

If you're trying to find the KKK in the game, you will simply have to explore wooded and remote areas at night outside of settlements. They don't have a set location, so it's up to you to trigger it by exploring the game's world before the sun rises and they disperse.


If you do come across a KKK gathering, one of three different events can trigger. One, they're initiating a new initiate. Two, they're burning a cross. Or three, they are complaining about their lack of participants. Whatever one plays out, we recommend dynamite, lots and lots of dynamite. And maybe some predator bait, too.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more news, information, and media on the critically-acclaimed western, be sure to peep all of our precious coverage of it by clicking right here. And if you haven't already, be sure to also take a gander at our official review of the game to learn what all the hooplah is about.