Red Dead Redemption 2 Reportedly Adding Long-Awaited Feature Soon

According to a new datamining leak, Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and soon to be PC, is getting ready to add a long-awaited feature that fans of the open-world western have been asking for since launch. More specifically, new files have been salvaged from the game's official companion app that suggest Rockstar Games is getting ready to add the Rockstar Editor to Red Dead Redemption 2. And according to Rockstar Intel's source, Rockstar Games is preparing to add the feature soon, however, it sounds like it won't be in time for the game's PC release.

According to Rockstar Games insider Tez2, the feature is very much in the pipeline, but it doesn't look like it will be ready for the game's PC release on November 5. Rather, it will come alongside the game's Steam version in December. As you may know, while Red Dead Redemption 2 is hitting PC next week, it won't be hitting Steam until December. Until it hits Steam, it will be available on the Epic Games Store and Rockstar's own PC launcher.

For those that don't know: the Rockstar Editor gives players the ability to create, edit, and share videos in Grand Theft Auto V. Not only is it a popular feature, but it has produced some incredible fan-made content. In addition to advanced editing tools, there's camera filters, custom camera placement, and even built-in music. The feature isn't a game-changer for most players, but for players who enjoy creating content within Red Dead Redemption 2, it will go a long way.

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Source: Rockstar Intel