Red Faction: Armageddon And Classic Shooters Join Xbox One Backward Compatible Program

Another week, another batch of games that wind up joining Xbox One’s compatibility program, [...]


Another week, another batch of games that wind up joining Xbox One's compatibility program, which is getting pretty close to over 400 games available with it since it launched a while back. And this week brings some pretty good titles thus far.

First up is Red Faction: Armageddon. This probably isn't too big a surprise, considering that the game was recently announced for August's Xbox Live Games With Gold, set to debut on August 16th. That said, those that own the game can jump in and check it out now. It's the follow-up to the best selling Red Faction: Guerrilla, taking place 50 years later and pitting a group of survivors against aliens and human enemies that will try to stop them at all costs.

With Armageddon joining the program, there's high hopes that the original Red Faction: Guerrilla isn't far behind, since it's considered one of the best Grand Theft Auto clones on the market after all these years, with its open world approach and awesome gameplay. We'll see what the next few weeks bring.

Next up is the Konami arcade classic Gyruss, which was remastered and released on Xbox 360 a few years ago. The game features a lone ship battling the odds as it whisks across the galaxy, shooting all sorts of enemies and picking up power ups along the way. For those who prefer the old-school approach to arcade games, the original version is included as well. You can buy it from the Xbox Live Marketplace for pretty cheap.

Finally, Raiden IV joins the program, right when the sequel, Raiden V, has gone on sale this week. This is a fun old-school shooter where you use a bevy of power-ups to mow down enemies both on the ground and in the air, ranging from lightning lasers to powerful bullets. And the bosses will definitely put up a fight.

You can check these games out now in the Xbox Live Marketplace, though those of you that are patient can wait for Armageddon to be free mid-next month. It's a fun game, and its Magnet Gun is truly a sight to behold.