Renegade Game Studios Announces Essence20 TTRPG System for Power Rangers, Transformers, and GI Joe Games

Renegade Game Studios has revealed the game engine used to bring the worlds of Power Rangers, [...]

Renegade Game Studios has revealed the game engine used to bring the worlds of Power Rangers, Transformers, and GI-JOE to life. With the RenegadeCon Virtual Special Edition about to launch later today, Renegade Game Studio gave players a first look at the new Essence20 Roleplaying System that will be used in its upcoming line of Hasbro property-themed games. While each game using the Essence20 system will have its own quirks, the core engine is the same, so learning the system will allow you to quickly jump into any game that uses it.

Essence20 is a d20 based system, which means that players roll a twenty-sided dice to determine successes and failures. Whenever players make a check, they roll two dice - the d20 and a Skill die that varies in size from a d2 to a d20. The combined total of those two dice must exceed the check's difficulty in order to succeed. There are a couple of nuances to the system that make checks a little more intriguing. For instance, if a character specializes in a skill, they roll their Skill die and all smaller sized dice when making a check. They then choose which die roll result to add to their d20 roll. Additionally, a max value roll on any die is counted as a critical success, which means that having a d4 or a d2 for a Skill die can actually be a boon for players.

Character creation is split into three parts - with players choosing their Origin, their Role on the team, and their Influence. Characters have four key stats - Strength, Speed, Smarts, and Social.

The Essence20 system will be used in the upcoming Power Rangers Roleplaying Game, Transformers Roleplaying Game, and GI-Joe Roleplaying Game. No release dates or prices have been announced for any of the games.

Renegade is set to debut the Essence20 system this weekend as part of their RenegadeCon Virtual Special Edition. You can watch the virtual con, which will feature first looks at Renegade's upcoming slate of TTRPG games. We'll have any major news coming out of the convention, so stay tuned to for more details.