Report: Details On Destiny 2’s Forthcoming Leviathan Raid May Have Been Revealed


Destiny 2 just dropped last week, and it's already making quite a few shifts in the gaming world, gaining 1.2 million concurrent players and no doubt shaking up sales for the folks at Activision.

It's got a lot of content to come as well, including Guided missions, as well as Raids and Nightfall missions. And we may have just uncovered first details on a huge new Raid that's making its way to the game.

A report from this Reddit thread indicates that the forthcoming Raid, which is being called Leviathan, could be Bungie's biggest to date. The Reddit user in question said that they've been in touch with someone who already tried it out on one of Bungie's private servers, and came away very impressed with what it has to offer.

The user notes that the raid will be "the most dynamic and technical" that we've seen from the developer to date, with a lengthy quest that will begin on planet Earth, as fireteams make their way through a number of enemies. But the journey doesn't end there, as they'll eventually make their way to outer space as part of the mission, possibly to face even bigger enemies once they get to their destination.

On top of that, the Raid will reportedly feature a mini-horde mode, as well as on-rails chase sequences, puzzles, boss fights and cinematic cutscenes. So it may actually feel like more of an extension of the game, rather than your typical raid.

The link above has even more details, but don't read too much into it, as a. you could very well head into spoiler territory and ruin what the Raid might have to offer, and b. nothing's been completely confirmed by Bungie yet, so it may not be happening at all. Still, the company has been promising some cool new content to hit Destiny 2, so we could find out as soon as just a couple of days to see what Leviathan has to offer.

We'll let you know what content becomes available Tuesday. But if these Raid rumors end up being true…oh, man. We may not be able to miss Raids again if they follow this route. We're in.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will release on October 24th for PC.