Report: Friday The 13th Could Be Getting Cross-Platform Play


Friday the 13th is just days away from releasing, and fans of the hit horror series are no doubt getting excited about being the legendary Jason Voorhees – or running for their lives from him. But we might be getting more than we bargained for if the developers have anything to say about it.

Over on the FAQ for the game’s official website, one of the questions asked brings up a rather interesting feature that fans of the game’s multiplayer would like to see – “Will the game be cross-platform?” (That indicates that Xbox One players can play alongside PlayStation 4 and PC players, and so forth.)

The developers couldn’t confirm the feature, but were hopeful that it could be added. “We hope to make this cross-platform between all three launch platforms, however there are quite a few logistical issues to solve before we can confirm. Some of which are out of our control.”

They have a point. The PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services are built completely different from the ground up, although both Sony and Microsoft have expressed interest in getting cross-platform play working for their systems. We know that Psyonix, the developers of the best-selling sports game Rocket League has already been hard at work trying to get cross-platform play into strong working order.

More than likely, we won’t be seeing cross-platform play for Friday the 13th when the game launches. However, an update for the game is expected sometime this summer that will add single player content of some sort, along with the possibility of a limited edition physical copy release. So it could be happening by then, but nothing’s definite yet.

Friday the 13th is certainly the sort of game that’s built for multiplayer pleasure. In the game, one player takes control of the legendary Voorhees, while the others portray campers that are simply trying to stay alive well throughout the night, or until the cops show up. Both players have certain advantages to help out their side in a multiplayer fight, but, yeah, Jason’s pretty damn strong.

We’ll see how the game fares when it arrives on May 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.