Resident Evil 2 Mod Replaces Mr. X With Dr Disrespect

If you’ve been enjoying Resident Evil 2 but felt that your game could use a little something extra, there’s bound to be a mod out there by now that’ll suit your needs. If that little extra something you have in mind happens to be Dr Disrespect, perhaps as a character who replaces Mr. X, you’re in luck. There’s a mod out there that does just that and was showcased on a recent Twitch stream with a pretty entertaining result.

Twitch streamer Elajjaz has been playing through Resident Evil 2 recently with a few mods on, one of which randomized what items players get to help diversify playthroughs even more. But the more interesting mod in this playthrough was the “Dr Disrespect Is the New Mr. X” mod that replaces the relentless enemy with a Dr Dirsrepect model. It comes complete with sounds and theme music as well to round out the Dr Disrespect experience.

The streamer has a relatively calm playthrough for the first few minutes save for the randomized items until Dr Disrespect comes bursting onto the scene, theme music included. It’s hard not to be spooked by Mr. X even if he looks like this, but after the initial surprise wears off, it’s pretty funny.

The clip below shows the moment the streamer first encountered Dr Disrespect can be seen below.


It looks like this mod has actually been around for a while now, though the time that it was uploaded means that it might not have gotten as many eyes on it as it deserved. It got uploaded to Nexus Mods on October 28th by the mod creator known as Letmelive Gaming, so its debut was well after the hype died down around the “What can we add to Resident Evil 2?” question. The video at the top from the modder showcases the mod as well when the player is playing through Claire’s story instead of Leon’s.

Resident Evil 2 is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, and you can find tons more mods like this one for the PC version through sites like Nexus Mods.