New 'Resident Evil 2 Remake' Footage Reveals Iconic Monster

Resident Evil 2’s remake includes an updated version of the Licker that looks more menacing than ever in new screenshots revealed on Monday.

A famous Resident Evil monster that was seen in the original Resident Evil 2, the Licker is a mutated zombie that’s often found crawling across walls, ceilings, and the ground. With its flesh gone to expose its muscles and brain, it has sharp claws and a long tongue that it uses to attack people from a distance.

Sharing a look at the updated version of the Licker, the Resident Evil Twitter account tweeted out the image below while referring to the enemy as “a very familiar terror.” The image contains a level of detail that makes the Licker even more imposing than it already was in past players’ minds with the monster looking like something that you wouldn’t want anywhere near you.

Encountering the Licker for the first time in Resident Evil 2 is an experience people who played the original will recall, like the 1998 game itself, it’s age shows in Mcgeezaks’ YouTube video below. The monster was first encountered when roaming through a hallway and noticing some decapitated bodies on the ground, their heads torn off by the Licker’s strength. Unsettling movements combined with its gruesome appearance made for a horror game enemy that players wouldn’t soon forget.

Twitter user Nibel shared more screenshots from Resident Evil 2 that showed the Licker and Claire Redfield facing off against each other as she stabs it mid-jump, shines a flashlight on it to track its movement, and faces an incoming attack from the creature’s tongue. Not just restricted to scenes showing Claire and the Licker, the screenshots also feature Leon S. Kennedy and some of the more normal zombies that will be found in the remake of Resident Evil 2. IGN also shared a video on Monday showing off a new Claire Redfield gameplay session that the game’s co-protagonist going up against the Licker and other enemies so that the Licker’s grotesque movements can be appreciated in full. Other outlets had similar gameplay footage that was centralized on ResetEra.


Seeing a reworked version of the Licker isn’t a surprise seeing how the game is a true remake of the original and recreates the same story and enemies, but the reveal should help alleviate any concerns potential buyers would have about the remade appearances of characters and monsters. Past screenshots have already shown off the faithful new versions of the game’s protagonists and other monsters coupled with smooth gameplay clips.

Resident Evil 2 is scheduled to release on January 25th.