New Resident Evil 3 Feature Just Made Nemesis Much Scarier

Another Resident Evil 3 feature was unveiled this week that pertains to the game's recurring antagonist, Nemesis. Just as Mr. X pursued players in Resident Evil 3, Nemesis will hunt players down throughout the game. But according to the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, Nemesis isn't going to be inhibited by the safe rooms commonly found throughout Resident Evil games. He'll apparently be able to crash right through the walls and invade players' safe rooms, so even when you think you've reached a moment of peace so that you can save or restock your supplies, you won't be quite as safe as you think.

Update: It turns out that Official Xbox Magazine initially reported that Nemesis would break into rooms with a progress-saving typewriter, which is true, but in a new update to the article it is explained that not every location with a typewriter in Resident Evil 3 is designated as a safe room. So, while some rooms with a typewriter will have Nemesis blowing through them, official safe rooms are still in fact safe.

The newest Resident Evil 3 details related to Nemesis and much more were revealed in the April 2020 issue of Official Xbox Magazine which featured the game as the cover story. A lengthy discussion about the game within the magazine gave insights into things Capcom has changed in the game and what it learned from Resident Evil 2's Mr. X. Readers compiled the relevant details in posts that have been shared online recently, though be aware that there may be some story spoilers in the discussions depending on how far you read.

Among all the details, the most pressing one was that Nemesis can now barge into safe rooms. These sorts of rooms have existed in different forms throughout the Resident Evil franchise, but they've always been a place of peace – no matter how brief – where players could take a breather and compose themselves before continuing. That's not the case any longer though since players will apparently be sharing that space with Nemesis if he chooses to make them do so.

The magazine also said Mr. X was used to gather feedback on how Nemesis would act in Resident Evil 3. Mr. X is no slouch himself when it comes to pursuing players and can bust down walls occasionally, but being able to break into a safe room is a new level of tension that's a first for the franchise.


That doesn't mean Nemesis will be hunting down players 100% of the time though. Another part of the info disseminated by those who read the issue noted that Capcom will give players some breathers at some point with explanations as to why Nemesis can't follow them into those areas of respite. One of the goals for Nemesis was apparently to make it so that there's always the threat of him following you, not necessarily that he always is following you.

Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3rd.