Resident Evil 7 Confirmed For Nintendo Switch With Special 'Cloud' Edition

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t seen too much Resident Evil action just yet, save for the two [...]

The Nintendo Switch hasn't seen too much Resident Evil action just yet, save for the two Revelations games that released a few months ago. But that'll change this week with the surprise release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Out of nowhere, Capcom has announced a Nintendo Switch port of the hit PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC game that shook up the horror landscape last year. Now, you may be thinking, "How can the Nintendo Switch run a complex game like this without a massive hard drive save?" Well, it's simple -- it's going to rely on the cloud.

The game is being called Resident Evil 7: Cloud Edition and it essentially allows players to enjoy the entire game without having to download it to their system. All they need is a secure online connection and a license to play the game and boom. The horror can be taken with you -- provided you stay connected online, mind you.

The entire game will be included, including the main Resident Evil 7 game and the DLC add-ons. These include Banned Footage Volume 1, Banned Footage Volume 2, End of Zoe and Not a Hero DLC.

While the idea of playing a game on the cloud through the Switch may found slightly iffy to some, it will give the system yet another powerhouse title. Plus, again, it doesn't take much install space to speak of so players can enjoy it without having to accommodate hard drive space.

As you can see in the premiere trailer above, the game looks pretty good. It's unknown if it'll run on both portable and TV mode but we don't see why it wouldn't.

Finally, the game has a surprise release date -- it's arriving in Japan on May 24. It'll also be priced at around 2,000 yen (around $20). In addition, you can actually play 15 minutes of the game for free before you have to purchase anything.

Now the bad news -- the game won't permanently be yours. The price you're paying is for a ticket that's good for 180 days. But that gives you more than enough time to beat the game, right?

A U.S. port hasn't been confirmed yet, but Capcom could announce it for release any day now. And there's also the possibility of presenting it during E3 in just a few weeks.

So while it may not be the Resident Evil some were expecting, we admit that the idea of playing Biohazard on a Switch is pretty intriguing. Let's see if we get a U.S. port!

You can also play Resident Evil 7 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.