New Resident Evil 7 Trailer Hints at a Fake Chris Redfield

A new trailer that was recently released for the Not a Hero DLC coming to Resident Evil 7 is [...]

A new trailer that was recently released for the Not a Hero DLC coming to Resident Evil 7 is centered around Chris Redfield, though it seems to suggest that this might not be Chris after all.

The upcoming DLC allows players to once again control Chris Redfield, a Resident Evil character that's blasted his way through more zombies than you can count across different games. However, when he's first seen at the very end of the Resident Evil 7 story, he looks a bit different from how he normally does. The most starting reveal is that he also appears to be working for the Umbrella Corporation as well, a group he's fought against throughout the character's history.

All of this seems to reinforce the theory being circulated be skeptics that this Chris Redfield is not really the Chris that we know and love. The theory has been around before this video when players starting piecing together all the curious details about Resident Evil 7's Chris Redfield, a theory that's been acknowledged by Capcom in the past. Whether this video is teasing that theory or just teasing the players for considering it remains to be seen, but you can watch the video above and decide for yourself.

Featuring Pete from Sewer Gators, the paranormal documentary show that you first encounter in the base game when playing as the show's cameraman, he plays you a tape showing scenes from the various Not a Hero trailers. Before that, he reminds you that Redfield was supposed to be a hero, not someone working for Umbrella, before popping in the tape. He flips over what appears to be a photo of the "real" Redfield at the end while asking if you're sure that it's the same person as shown in the tapes, but he's cut off mid-sentence.

Players may very well be controlling a Chris Redfield clone or something along those lines in the upcoming DLC, but whether that's true or not remains to be seen. Clone or not, this Chris Redfield is bringing an arsenal of weapons and his signature combat style back to Resident Evil 7, so look for the free DLC Not a Hero when it's released on Dec. 12.