Resident Evil 9 Release Date Reportedly Pushed Back

A new leak claims Resident Evil 9's release date has been internally delayed.

Earlier this month, a new leak started to make the rounds claiming that Capcom was gearing up to reveal Resident Evil 9 this summer and then release the next mainline game in the long-running series early next year. We've since heard rumors about the supposed setting and protagonist for Resident Evil 9. However, a brand-new rumor came out today, providing updated details about the future of the Resident Evil franchise. Of course, nothing official has been announced, but fans might be waiting a bit longer before Resident Evil 9 is on store shelves.

Resident Evil 9 New Release Window Leak

(Photo: Capcom)

As with most Resident Evil leaks, this one comes courtesy of Dusk Golem on Twitter. Of course, you'll want to take this with a massive grain of salt. Dusk Golem has a solid track record, but until Capcom makes something official, it's best to keep your expectations in check. It's also worth noting that Capcom hasn't said much about Resident Evil 9, so calling this a "delay" would be a mistake since the developers haven't announced a release date. At worst, it's an internal delay that we'll never hear about officially.

That all said, Dusk Golem says that fans should "wipe the expectations of RE9 being announced this summer period." Instead, it sounds like everything is pointing toward the announcement coming later in the year or potentially next year. That will let Capcom release Resident Evil 9 in either late 2025 or 2026. Of course, with the release seemingly being pushed back those dates could easily shift around. At this point, we'll just have to wait until the team announces something more official. Fortunately, Resident Evil 9 isn't the only RE game in development, so we might still get a new game next year.

The Next Resident Evil Remakes

In addition to the new information about Resident Evil 9, Dusk Golem shared which games are next on the docket for remakes. Rumors have been flying around lately about potential remakes of Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 5. However, Dusk Golem made it clear in their latest post that neither of those is in active development right now. That doesn't mean they'll never happen, but it's going to be a while before we see something from either game.

Instead, Dusk Golem claims that the team is currently working on Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica remakes. Like with Resident Evil 9, we don't have a firm release window yet, but Golem claims that the team that worked on the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 remakes is leading up development on Code Veronica, while the team that worked on RE4's Separate Ways DLC is working on RE0. Hopefully, we'll hear more about these projects later this year.