Retro Video Game Cartridge Makeup Brings A New Meaning To Classic Games


If you're like me, you look back on the classic Nintendo games fondly. Saving the princess was a beloved past-time, and now there is a new beauty line that allows classic gamers show their fandom love in a completely different way! Espionage Cosmetics has unveiled a new makeup line that looks like real-game cartridges with a corresponding eyeshadow colour to match.

The three available franchises that inspired the new dynamic line includes Pac-man, Tetris, and Legend of Zelda! Esponiage is no stranger to the beauty game, especially when it comes to all things pop culture. From Sonic nail wraps, to Mass Effect-inspired looks - Espionage is the go-to place to get your nerd on and look good while doing it! Here's a look at the new Cartridge Compact Kits available for pre-order!

"Power up your Nerd Makeup with the latest from Espionage Cosmetics! These fun Cartridge Compacts easily fit in your pocket, conveniently hold our exclusive pressed eyeshadows, and most importantly, look rad as heck! Cartridge shadows are replaceable, so you can customize and swap at will! This listing is for one Cartridge Compact Kit."

The Tetris "Nerd Makeup," which can be seen in the image at the top, features a vibrant purple pigmant that looks stunning on any skin-type! It can also be swapped out with different eyeshadow colours like Marshmallow Vacuum pink, Zero Suit purple (seen above), Go Alone green, Nom Nom yellow, or Dungeon Crawler bronze with green hues.


There is also The Legend of Zelda-inspired catridge:

cartridge-compact-kit-nerd-makeup-legend-preorder-cosmetics-3 grande

And the Pac-man inspired line - all available to swap out with the colour of your choice, as well as a pick of a matching manicure set!

cartridge-compact-kit-nerd-makeup-chomp-cat-preorder-cosmetics-2 grande

The nerd-centric renditions of classics are so enjoyable, and some of the staff here can't get enough. As a huge personal fan of makeup (as you can see from my previous nerd-picks), the cartridge line is beyond perfect. Growing up with Legend of Zelda, taking that "Go Alone" iconic line to the next level is extremely cool. I'm not alone in my excitement either! Fellow WWG writer Catrina had this to say:


"I love the pigments that Espionage delivers with its makeup, and these adorable compacts are just more reason to level up my nerd makeup collection. As someone who successfully covered herself in Espionage makeup in order to turn bright pink for a cosplay, I'm way excited for the new colors, and the cartridges look like they'll be super easy to carry around (and also totally show off)."

Don't just be another NPC, you can pre-order the new line right here to level up your look. The Cartridge Compact Kits will be launching on May 15th, but they are available for pre-order now for $10 off!