Rivet Wars Returns to Kickstarter

Rivet Wars's revival is officially underway, as Steamforged has announced a new Kickstarter for the popular World War I/chibi-style miniatures battle game. After announcing that it had acquired the IP rights for the long-dormant tabletop game, Steamforged has launched the Kickstarter for Rivet Wars: Unloaded, which adds a brand new faction to the game and provides newcomers with a perfect chance to hop into the game. The Kickstarter will fund the production of new updated versions of Rivet Wars and all of its original expansions, as well as the brand new Nemoan expansion.

Originally published in 2014 by CMON, Rivet Wars combined World War I-style fighting with chibi aesthetics. The game was originally designed by Ted Terranova, a video game designer responsible for Rise of NationsAge of Empires III, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Rivet Wars was inspired by real time strategy games and focused on players continuously collecting resources and deploying new units to try to stay ahead of their opponents. Several expansions for Rivet Wars were released, adding heavy artillery, aircraft, and even mech-inspired combat armor. 

The Kickstarter includes two main pledges – a Core Pledge that includes the updated Core Box and Vanguards Expansion, and a Veterans Expansion that includes all the updated content without the need to re-purchase any of the original game component. Backers can also choose the "All-In" option that includes all the original content along with the new expansion.

As of press time, the Kickstarter had already raised over $150,000, which far exceeded its initial $57,000 goal. The Kickstarter campaign is a shorter one, and will only remain open through September 16th. 

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