Rocket League Making Leveling Up Exciting Again With Crate Decryptors, Xbox One Improvements Incoming

Today the fine folks at Psyonix posted a very thoughtful reflection about Rocket League's explosive growth in 2017. Consistent updates have made one of the best competitive games of the generation even better, and more balanced, and Psyonix has no plan to slow down in 2018. In fact, Rocket League faithful have several key changes and improvements to look forward to in the new year.

Most notably, in my opinion, is the fact that leveling up is about to become exciting again. We all remember the novel rush we felt when first diving into the game and seeing our progress bar shoot upward. After tens of hours, though, that excitement wanes. But what if you knew that you had potential decryptors to look forward to upon leveling up?!

Decryptors are basically free crate keys that you can use to unlock some of the coolest cars, skins, and effects in the game, and being able to secure these bad boys by leveling up will definitely serve as an incentive to dive back into Rocket League and play a few more matches (as if we needed any incentive).

Psyonix is also dedicated to ironing out the kinks in the Xbox One version of Rocket League. "Our second focus is game performance on Xbox One," the update reads. "We don’t want Xbox players to feel ignored when they report issues, and we’ve rolled out fixes for stability and stuttering in our last two major patches. But we know some of you are still experiencing performance problems and we’re actively working to fix them. We’ll have more to share in the new year."


Take heart, Xbox gamers. The Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League saw a patch very soon after launch, and so I know that Psyonix is nurturing every version of its precious game; they really do want everyone to have the best experience possible.

Of course, several other exciting new additions and improvements were outlined as well: mundane stuff (additional servers, server improvements, etc.) and exciting stuff (expanding the competitive scene). You can read the whole update for yourself right here.