'Rocket League' Double XP Event and First Rocket Pass End Soon

Rocket League players only have a short while longer to benefit from twice the experience and [...]

Rocket League players only have a short while longer to benefit from twice the experience and advance through the game's first Rocket Pass.

Announced most recently was the 2XP and Double Drop-Rate event, two bonuses that have been combined for the first time ever. Psyonix said just over a week ago that players would have the chance to earn more items and experience for a limited time that started back on November 21st, but that event is almost over now.

"For the first time ever, we're combining 2XP and double drop-rates into one limited-time event!" Psyonix's announcement said. "You'll earn double the amount of base XP per match, Crates will drop more frequently after matches, and your chances of earning a Painted item -- be it from a drop, a Crate or through the Trade-In system -- are doubled as well!"

But the Rocket Pass has been live for much longer than the event with that tiered pass system being the first of its kind in Rocket League with items ready to be unlocked for over a month. Beginning back on September 5th, the Rocket League Rocket Pass operated similarly to how a Battle Pass from Fortnite does. By using either the free Rocket Pass or purchasing the premium version, players can earn rewards by playing matches and advancing through the pass' tiers. The free pass contained 29 rewards while the premium Rocket Pass contained up to 70, but players only have one more day to work their way through the tiers before the first Rocket Pass ends on November 26th.

Another Rocket Pass will follow the first with more information coming on the Rocket Pass' second run after the December update is out.

"Once the December Update is out in the wild, we'll follow up with more information about Rocket Pass 2 and Frosty Fest 2018, both of which kick off before year's end," Psyonix said in an announcement about the game getting Xbox One X support.

The trailer shown at the top was released before the Rocket Pass began and previewed some of what would be included in the first edition of the pass, so a second one with another content preview is to be expected before Rocket Pass 2 begins.