Rocket League Reveals Its Loot Box Replacement, Item Shop, and More

In August, Psyonix and Epic Games announced they were removing paid, randomzied Crates from Rocket League. In other words, removing loot boxes from the popular PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch title. Fast-forward to today, and the pair have now revealed what will be replacing them: Blueprints. In December, the game will be updated and add Blueprints to the mix. With this system, you'll have the chance to earn a Blueprint after every match. When you earn a Blueprint, it will show you exactly what item you can create from it, for a set price. Once you pay the price to open the blueprint, you will get that item. Like the Crate items that preceded them, Blueprints can drop with special attributes like Certified items. In other words, they are basically Crates, but not random.

Also in December, a new rotating Item Shop will be added into the game that offers a variety of content, including new items, legacy crate content you may have missed, and the long-awaited debut of items like Titanium White Dominus. It's also worth pointing out that any item copped in the Item Store will not be tradeable. With no more Crates, means no more Keys. Soon, everything will be obtained via Credits, the game's new premium currency. Credits will be used to create items from Blueprints, upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium, and buy items from the Item Shop. Meanwhile, there will also be Esports Tokens, which will be used for the Esports Shop.

rocket league
(Photo: Psyonix)

Once the new update goes live, keys will be automatically converted into Credits. Meanwhile, Crates will become Blueprints. Currently, there's no word on what will happen to Decryptors. Meanwhile, a new Crate, the Vindicator Crate, will go live on October 3. It will be the final ever Crate, and will feature the new Sentinel Battle-Car and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion.

Lastly, changes are coming to the Trade-In system. When Blueprints go live, the ability to use paid content with the current Trade-In system will be disabled. This means that items obtained from Blueprints, the Item Shop, and legacy content cannot be traded after these changes are live. This change will not have any impact on the ability to trade in free post-game drops though. Also, an updated inventory management feature is coming that will allow players to archive items they don't want to see anymore.


Rocket League is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.