'Rocket League' Gets Brought to Life by 'Nitro Circus'

Rocket League has been brought to life by the Nitro Circus team in an event called the Nitro [...]

Rocket League has been brought to life by the Nitro Circus team in an event called the Nitro Rocket League Championship.

Psyonix announced back in April that the Rocket League developer had partnered with the group of athletes and stuntmen, but the details of that partnership hadn't yet been revealed. Some of the results of that arrangement have now been revealed though with the video above showing the first episode of the Nitro Rocket League Championship tournament where people played Rocket League in a real-world setting by using some modified karts, two nets, and a ball to be knocked around.

The video is part of a larger series called "Rocket League IRL," Psyonix said in a post on its blog. The video is the first of several that'll feature the Nitro Circus team bringing viewers more real-life Rocket League action.

While the Nitro Circus team and Pysonix brought Rocket League into the real world, players can bring some Nitro Circus back into their game by unlocking some Nitro Circus-themed customization items. All it the items require is a special code which, when entered, will grant players access to a Nitro Circus flag and a unique decal for the Breakout vehicle. The code below can be redeemed through the "Extras" menu in Rocket League where players will find an option to redeem it.

"While Nitro Circus has fun in the real world, we're bringing them into Rocket League as well! Use the code 'RLNITRO' in Rocket League to unlock a FREE 'Nitro Circus' Flag as well as a Decal for Breakout!"

People asked about the possibility of getting Nitro Circus content in Rocket League when the partnership was first announced, and it looks like that was part of the plan from the beginning.

Psyonix has partnered with different groups in the past including the WWE, but Nitro Circus seems like one of the more fitting collaborations between the two groups. Popularized by the TV show of the same name, the Nitro Circus crew are constantly pulling off intense, athletic stunts, so it makes sense that they'd be an easy choice when it comes to bringing Rocket League to life.

No expiration date for Rocket League's Nitro Circus content code was given, but the next episode of the "Rocket League IRL" series can be expected from Nitro Circus' and Psyonix's social media when it's ready.