New Rocket League Season 2 Arena, Playlist Announced

Psyonix shared the first details on Rocket League Season 2 this week with a preview of some new features and content planned for the next season. Players will see a new arena added to the game with the release of Neon Fields, and perhaps more exciting than that, a new "Rocket Labs" playlist is being added to Rocket League that'll contain a bunch of experimental, limited-time game modes. All this and more is coming on December 9th when Rocket League Season 2 releases.

You can catch a preview of the new arena in the trailer below that shows off the music-themed Season 2 Rocket League's welcoming soon. It's a futuristic, neon landscape that mixed with musical elements, and it'll be available to all players with the release of the season.

In addition to the new arena, we'll see the Rocket Labs playlist added in Season 2 for players to experiment with. This playlist itself will be full of different limited-time modes like Soccar will be available from time to time in the playlist, though Psyonix has not announced any other specific modes that'll be included. From the way the announcement was worded, the Rocket Labs playlist will feature different modes throughout the season, so players will want to be sure they get in as much time with the different modes as they can before they're cycled out.

"There's a new featured guest joining the show throughout Season 2: Rocket Labs!" Psyonix said. "Rocket Labs will be added periodically throughout Season 2 as a Casual LTM Playlist. In this LTM, you'll be able to check out non-standard, and even experimental, Arenas featuring classic Soccar, as well as other game modes and mutators. Veteran players remember Rocket Labs from the early years of Rocket League. And, a new Rocket Labs arena will be added to the playlist that's an even bigger throwback to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. Stay tuned later in Season 2 when Rocket Labs will make its LTM debut!"

Yet another interesting feature is something called "Player Anthems" that goes along with the music theme, but we don't know much more about that besides the name and that it's a customization feature. Psyonix promised more on that feature this week.


Rocket League Season 2 starts on December 9th.