Rocksteady's Superman Game Teased by 'Game Informer' Editor

A few days ago we posted a report indicating that Rocksteady’s heavily rumored Superman game [...]


A few days ago we posted a report indicating that Rocksteady's heavily rumored Superman game could finally be getting a reveal this coming week at E3. The report suggests that the game will be the featured title on Game Informer's July cover with complete coverage on gameplay, visuals and more.

Yes, we've heard this before. But this time around, instead of flat-out denying that the game will end up on its cover, Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner is playing along and indicating that the game just might be happening.

Reiner posted a quick note on Twitter back in the end of May, noting, "Loving the run of Game Informer covers we've had in 2018. Next month's is very very very very cool." To which a fan suggested a quick image of Superman, as you can see below. "Thoughts??" he asked.

What's interesting here is that Reiner responded with a coy response instead of any kind of denial. "He needs a new cape," he said, recognizing that it came from a previous Game Informer cover. Now in the past, when Superman was suggested for the cover, Reiner laughed it off. But he doesn't seem to be doing so here. So...something could be happening after all.

As far as what the game could be like, we saw a rumored description that we posted in our previous report:

"The gameplay will demonstrate both flying and combat, as Superman will be able to soar through the air and take on both grounded and airborne enemies. In this particular case, he'll be taking out some of Brainiac's drones as they invade, possibly in a similar manner to Batman's combat."

WB Games hasn't said anything yet, but the company is revealing a new game this Thursday, although it's likely to be more Hitman related than Superman. Still, the hype is building for a possible unveil next week at E3. It's starting to look more like not if Superman will be revealed...but when and where.

We'll let you know as soon as information becomes available as well as what we could possibly expect from the Man of Steel's latest go-around. One thing's for sure. If Rocksteady can do for him what they did for Batman with the Arkham trilogy, we're in for good times indeed.