Rocksteady's Superman Game Possibly Confirmed for E3 2018 by Magazine Cover

The new Superman game from Rocksteady (of Batman Arkham fame) may be revealed soon, according to a [...]

Rocksteady Superman

The new Superman game from Rocksteady (of Batman Arkham fame) may be revealed soon, according to a supposed leak on 4chan. According to the poster, the game will be revealed as the cover story of next month's Game Informer magazine.

There are additional details as well. The listing notes that the game will make its debut at Microsoft's E3 conference, which is set to take place the Sunday before the show kicks off. It'll feature gameplay being demonstrated on Microsoft's Xbox One X hardware.

As far as what we'll see, it'll possibly be with a reveal trailer that shows Brainiac assaulting Metropolis (sounding familiar to some of his tactics from Injustice 2) with Superman being weakened from battle.

The gameplay will demonstrate both flying and combat, as Superman will be able to soar through the air and take on both grounded and airborne enemies. In this particular case, he'll be taking out some of Brainiac's drones as they invade, possibly in a similar manner to Batman's combat.

The listing also points to a dedicated page for the Superman game, though nothing is coming up at the moment. It indicates that it will go live shortly after the game's introduction. An interesting note about the site, though. According to a domain tools listing, it was last updated in February of this year.

This all sounds incredibly exciting especially when you consider that Rocksteady could do for Superman what it already did for the Dark Knight with its Batman Arkham trilogy. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First off, it's 4chan. So it's far from anything even close to official. Take all these details with a very light grain of salt. Secondly, we heard rumors about a Superman cover for Game Informer before, only for them to come up false.

That said, Warner Bros. has been promising some big stuff for E3 this year, including a potential Mortal Kombat sequel amongst other surprises. And a new comic book action game from Rocksteady sounds like something we would definitely want.

We'll let you know what's officially unveiled when Microsoft's show kicks off on June 10!