Rumor: Next Battlefield Game Won't Be Bad Company 3, But A WW2 Title Instead

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Earlier this week, a leak supported the notion that the next step in DICE's Battlefield franchise would see the return of Bad Company. Unfortunately, there are new reports stating that Bad Company might not actually be in the cards at all, but instead a WW2 game. It would be an interesting move, especially with their historic background and the recent release of Call of Duty: WWII doing so well.

The new report comes from the original leaker, YouTuber AlmightyDaq. This person does have an impressive background of accurate leads, so it wasn't difficult for many to see the potential for truth in his information. According to him, there are two games in the works: Bad Company 3, as well as a WW2-inspired title. If that ends up being the case, the WW2 is the one imminent, set for a 2018 release, with Bad Company 3 slated for a 2019 drop.

You can hear his reasoning, predictions, and backup information in his latest "Insider Information" video below from his channel. With Bad Company 3, he had initially set it at 2018, but according to him - new information came to light stating that he was a year too soon for that throwback to the quirkier side of the Battlefield franchise.

If a Battlefield: WW2 is truly in the works, it will reportedly run similar to that of Battlefield 1 - for obvious reasons and will reportedly be in the charge of DICE Sweden. Bad Company 3, which is estimated to return at a later date, would be coming from DICE LA. Until DICE officially makes an announcement, however, it's important to take information like this with a grain of salt. As excited as we are about a new Battlefield, the best confirmation is an official one.


For now, fans can enjoy Battlefield 1 which is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.