Ryan Reynolds, Akiva Goldsman Tapped For Potential Rainbow Six Movie

Another game franchise is making its way to the movies – even though it’s not really about the [...]


Another game franchise is making its way to the movies – even though it's not really about the games this time around.

Deadline reported previously that Akiva Goldsman, the producer who previously worked on a number of properties, like the earlier Batman films under Joel Schumacher and, most recently, the Transformers writer's room, ahs announced that he's relocated his Weed Road production company to Paramount, and, as part of that, there are already a number of projects that are in his timeline.

Amongst these are a cinematic take on Rob Liefeld's comic book Avengelyne, but, more notably, there's also an apparently film adaptation of Rainbow Six that's also listed.

The Rainbow Six franchise has been worked on for the longest time at Ubisoft, starting with the original game for PC and Sony PlayStation, all the way through the latest release, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, which is currently making its way through its second year with a number of add-on elements. So it would make sense that the property is still hot when it comes to movies.

The adaptation will be based more around the original Tom Clancy book than the games, but it will still focus on a very familiar character – John Clark, who originally appeared in the Jack Ryan novel series, also created by Clancy.

It's still early in the works, but Deadline also noted that Ryan Reynolds, who appeared in Deadpool and is hard at work on its sequel, could possibly be starring in the film, portraying Clark. Nothing has been finalized yet, but he'd be an ideal fit, especially considering the tone that Rainbow Six has been known for.

It doesn't appear Ubisoft is involved with the production, as Paramount owns the cinematic rights to Clancy's work. Still, don't be surprised if the companies work out some sort of promotional deal once the film makes the rounds, with either Rainbow Six Siege or a potential new product getting tie-in content. Ubisoft doesn't usually pass up opportunities like this.

A release date hasn't been given for Rainbow Six, as it's still very early in development. We'll let you know how it comes along, though.