Saints Row Getting Major Update in November

Saints Row is getting a major update in November. Earlier this year, Volition released a new reboot of the Saints Row series after letting the franchise lie relatively dormant aside from some remasters for the last seven years. Sadly, the reboot was received quite poorly by fans and critics alike for a multitude of reasons. The game was filled with bugs and largely felt unfinished as a result, it had dated gameplay and visuals, and fans weren't pleased with the direction of the reboot relative to past entries in the series. It was a bit of a disappointment after years of waiting for a new Saints Row game, but Volition is committed to bringing the game up to snuff.

Volition published a new blog post detailing an upcoming update in November. The update will fix over 200 bugs and provide various stability upgrades. The update is primarily focused on improving challenges, stability, and co-op functionality which has been plagued with problems since launching in August. The update will also include the start of a series of quality of life improvements, such as reducing the repetition of activities, making challenges more rewarding, and much more. Volition also confirmed new cosmetic DLCs will be releasing this year, some of which will be free to regular players. Lastly, Volition teased that Saints Row will get new story DLC in 2023 and it will be included with the game's expansion pass or available al a carte when it releases. Future DLC will also include new playable areas in the city and gameplay experiences, so expect some big changes to the game over the next year.

Whether or not Volition can turn Saints Row around remains to be seen. It seems likely the next Grand Theft Auto game will be revealed sometime within the next year or so, which could really only highlight how far behind Saints Row is relative to its biggest competitor. Perhaps these new changes and future additions brought in by DLC can really beef the game up, but only time will tell.

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