New Saints Row Is In Development

saints row (1)
(Photo: Deep Silver)

During its latest earnings call, publisher THQ Nordic confirmed that a new Saints Row game is in development at series developer Volition. As you may know, Volition hasn't shipped a full game in the series since 2013 when it released Saints Row IV. That said, that should be changing soon. Unfortunately, no further pertinent details are disclosed by THQ Nordic, but this is the first time we've gotten confirmation a new entry in the beloved series is in development, though Volition has teased as much in the past on several occasions.

It's been four years since we last saw the franchise, and six years since we last saw it proper. Meanwhile, we haven't seen or heard anything out of Volition since August 2017, when it released Agents of Mayhem, a game similar to Saints Row (in some ways) and set in its universe, but that critically and commercially flopped. In other words, it isn't very surprising to see it returning to the series it made a name for itself with.

Given that Agents of Mayhem released two years ago means we should be coming up on a reveal of its next project, which we now know is a new Saints Row. Perhaps we will hear more at Gamescom later this month. Or maybe we won't hear about the title until next year. It's hard to tell, but THQ Nordic confirming it to investors does suggest it may have something to show soon. Yet again, THQ Nordic notes it's "deep" in development, which suggests it may not come up for air anytime soon.

With no new Grand Theft Auto in sight, it's probably a great time for the Saints Row series to return. It suffered a bit of fatigue towards the end, but there's many clamoring for it and a new open-world crime-action game to play.


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