Closed Beta for Dino War Opens, Mixing Sci-Fi and Dino Adventure on Mobile

Open the door. Get on the floor. Everybody fight the Dino War! King of Avalon developers Kings [...]

(Photo: Kings Games)

Open the door. Get on the floor. Everybody fight the Dino War! King of Avalon developers Kings Group have released concept art for their upcoming game, Dino War, featuring the surroundings and beasts available in the game. The newly opened Closed Beta is also offering a slew of in-game rewards for players on Android phones, giving them the opportunity to stock up on special gifts and items ahead of the game's release to use specifically during the beta. But worry not, players: you won't be walking away empty-handed. All of the game's beta players will walk away with a special gift that can be used when the game releases.

Developed for mobile platforms, Dino War is being billed as a sci-fi strategy game, which means it has to do with space and dinosaurs, which are easily two of the best things that ever happened to existence. But don't take our word for it, just read the game's official summary to get a snapshot of what the adventure is all about:

The story begins in the near future-2022, when a scientific breakthrough at GeneSys labs brings dinosaurs back to life. The world goes dino-crazy and Footprints theme parks begin popping up all over the world. Things quickly take a dark turn when the technology is co-opted for military use, sparking a grim new era of war and conflict. A vengeful scientist unleashes beasts infected with an aggressive virus upon the world, effectively ending society as we know it. Now, in the year 2041, survivors cling together, struggling to escape the forces of evil attempting to wipe them out. Seeking shelter in the mountains, they stumble upon an unexpected new place to settle: the abandoned GeneSys base. It's up to the players and the rest of the Resistance to fight for humanity and bring an end to the Dino War nightmare!

Dino War has no official release date yet, but so far, it looks like the game will be heading to Android for sure. Stay tuned for future updates on a possible iOS release, and check out the closed beta while it lasts.